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Pet & Animal Behavioural Specialist Oxford

Chances are you're viewing this site because you have an unhappy or poorly behaved pet! If this is the case then chances are you're unhappy too - you both could benefit from BBC Radio Oxford's own behaviour expert, Rebecca Heyworth (Kat Orman show, next on 21st October at 2pm).

Perhaps your dog is aggressive? Is your cat soiling in the house? Are you having problems with training? Are your cats fighting? Are neighbours tired of your dog barking?

These are just a few of the various problems I regularly encounter as a professional Companion Animal Behaviour Counsellor.

My job as a dog and cat behaviour specialist and trainer is to make both sides of your relationship fulfilling. I don't have a magic wand, but, with your help, I can usually improve the situation - often quite quickly, perhaps immediately!

Every situation involving animals and people is of course unique: therefore there is no 'standard' treatment for any particular behavioural problem. Based in Oxfordshire, I would visit you at home, use my professional skills alongside your intimate knowledge of your pet to identify the root cause of the problem, remove 'negative' influences and replace them with 'positives', and lastly establish and agree with you a treatment programme to achieve desired results.

After our consultation you then have my ongoing support for ten weeks over the phone.

Whatever the problem, you are not alone - professional and experienced help is at hand!

Rebecca Heyworth

BSc (Hons) Psychology, Postgraduate Diploma Companion Animal Behaviour Counsellor

Pet & Animal Behavioural Specialist Oxford
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